Major Construction Milestone at St Michael’s

Construction is continuing apace at the £400m St Michael’s development in Manchester, with phase 2 of the scheme reaching a major building milestone.   

Gary Neville and his Relentless Developments team were joined by developer partner Salboy and main contractor, Domis, to mark the completion of mass excavation where the team have unearthed 50,000 tonnes from the ground (the equivalent of 4,167 double decker buses) to make way for the landmark 41-storey tower.  

The celebration saw the team climb into the ground where the tower’s foundations will be laid as the next stage of construction commences. This will see the creation of a 41-storey residential scheme comprising a 5 star hotel and the city’s very first branded residences.  

0044 st michaels bottoming out scaled


Gary Neville, Director at Relentless Developments, commented: “Reaching this point in the construction of St Michael’s was really important as anticipation builds for the development’s 41-storey tower. We know this landmark building is going to become an iconic part of Manchester’s skyline and a wonderful addition to our great city.”  


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Simon Ismail, Co-founder & MD, Salboy Group, added: “When we launched this scheme with Relentless last year, commencing construction of the 41-storey tower was always the milestone we at Salboy were looking forward to most. This marks the start of a really exciting period of construction and is a special moment for all the partners involved in this impressive development.” 

John Holden, Senior Project Manager, Domis, said: “This is one the deepest excavations the city of Manchester has seen and it will soon be home to the foundations, car park and amenities upon which St Michael’s’ 41-storey tower will be built. This is a huge milestone and marks the start of us constructing phase two of this wonderful scheme. Great work by the rest of the Domis team and all our partners.” 


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