Salboy’s social responsibility: How we prioritise sustainable placemaking

More people now live in private rented accommodation than ever before, and developers have a responsibility to provide quality buildings that offer a top class residential experience.

Whereas renting was once seen as a temporary solution, many people now view it as a permanent option, whether that is because buying is unaffordable or that many people enjoy the freedom it provides.

With that in mind, we need to provide a modern, sophisticated living solution that is a good fit for renters now and for many years to come.

At Salboy, we pay attention to every detail of our developments to provide the best premium developments in the UK’s busiest markets. Nothing is unimportant or too much trouble.

One of the most important factors that runs through everything we do is a focus on sustainable placemaking. Long-term, sustainable development which provides environmentally friendly homes in neighbourhoods that are designed for living is the aim.

In other words, we are trying to build communities, not just create places for people to sleep. We take that social responsibility seriously from the initial building concept through the development and onward management of the buildings once complete.

The first step is branding a development and embedding sustainable placemaking into its foundations. Every building has its own identity and is designed to be a lifestyle destination.

This can mean a focus on providing best-in-class amenities and services for residents such as gymnasiums, co-working spaces, private dining rooms, cinema rooms and more. The common thread that runs through them all is a focus on elevating people’s lifestyles and creating a community where people want to stay for the long term.

It can also mean developing sites which are accessible and follow the 15-minute city principle where all the transport, employment, leisure, retail and recreation options you need are within walking distance.

Our city centre developments meet these criteria and are embedded in the local communities. Empowering residents to live a car-free life also helps people live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Placemaking also rests on how the building operates once it is complete and people have moved in. The Salboy team is always on hand to deal with issues, answer questions and ensure the building runs as smoothly as possible to provide that exception residential lifestyle we pride ourselves on.

The apartments themselves are designed to contribute to our sustainable placemaking goal as we continue to push the boundaries of what modern rental homes can be.

High-performing materials with low u-values are specified in all our buildings. They combine with electric panel heaters, immersion hot water cylinders, MVHR systems, low energy lighting, low-flow water systems and high efficiency white goods to make sustainability gains in every area.

Additionally, we pursue low-carbon energy generation technologies like solar PV panels on our developments where possible. All told, we have been able to reduce operational carbon emissions in our latest developments by almost 50% by following the principles of sustainable placemaking and incorporating them into designs from the earliest stages.

Building sustainable homes is more than a goal, it is a principle that informs everything about how we work at Salboy.

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