Enhance Your Wellbeing: Discover the Waterhouse Club

Modern city living presents many opportunities when it comes to leading a fulfilling lifestyle. Cities provide dynamic environments with lots to explore and Manchester is no exception. Home to exciting entertainment venues, lively dining options, an excellent shopping district, historic theatres and excellent sports, Manchester is a vibrant place to live with many exciting possibilities.

This being said, the fast-paced nature of city life can also cause challenges when it comes to maintaining a sense of wellbeing. Finding the balance between work, leisure, health and self-care, whilst navigating modern city living can become difficult and time consuming.

A rising interest in personal health and wellness

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reported that ‘In 2022, the global wellness economy reached $5.6 trillion, nearly 14% higher than its size in 2019.’ This growth shows no signs of stopping and they project an ‘8.6% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching $8.5 trillion in 2027.’ This positive trajectory cements the fact that wellness is a growing market and personal wellbeing is becoming increasingly important for people globally.

For a busy and health conscious generation wellness facilities and services have to be convenient in order to fit into busy schedules. An upwards trend in specialised and boutique fitness facilities speaks to an increasingly personalised approach to health needs and fitness goals. 

A growing trend of integrating wellness amenities into property developments

Wellness real estate, referring to residential, hospitality, and mixed-use real-estate developments with wellness-related facilities and services incorporated into their design, has been a rapidly growing sector. The GWI outlines that ‘Wellness real estate has been the fastest-growing sector in the wellness economy since before the pandemic, significantly outpacing projections and economic growth trends.’ The institute suggests that the COVD-19 pandemic is largely due to an ‘accelerated the growing understanding among consumers and the building industry about the critical role that external environments play in our physical and mental health and well-being.’

To meet the modern needs of people living in the city, housing developers are introducing wellness amenities into residential developments, a concept that has become sought after by residents. These facilities are designed to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and located on-site, the convenience of these amenities are ideal. 

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Introducing the Waterhouse Club

The Waterhouse Club caters to the physical and mental wellbeing of residents at Waterhouse Gardens. This private club is home to elevated facilities that make keeping on top of healthy habits achievable, convenient and indulgent. These spaces offer opportunities for physical activity, relaxation, socialisation and connection with nature. 

The gymnasium and fitness studio at the Club is fitted with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Whether it is cardiovascular training, strength training or yoga and meditation residents have the space they need to stay active in the ways that suit them. 

A swimming pool, complete with a heated sauna, plunge pool and vitality spa allows residents to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. Swimming, like other forms of exercise, is a healthy way to relieve stress and can help avoid future health problems associated with poor stress management. 

Meanwhile the Club meets a growing interest in polar plunges and heated saunas which are becoming popular due to their health and recovery benefits. Contrast therapy is the term used to describe the process of exposing the body to a series of brief, repeated immersions into warm temperatures followed by cold temperatures. The heat increases the production of heat shock proteins (HSP’s) whilst the cold plunge cools the body down rapidly and triggers cold shock proteins (CSP’s). This contrast therapy is associated with enhanced exercise recovery and the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness. Evidence also suggests positive improvements in blood circulation, immune system functions and general wellbeing.

The Club’s squash court/ basketball half-court is another facility that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle whilst also fostering social interaction and friendly competition amongst club members.

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Designing for holistic wellbeing

It is increasingly understood that it is not just physical health that is vital to wellbeing, but mental health too. A relaxing library nook and co-working space provides a peaceful and focused space for residents to study, work, or simply relax with a book. 

Being part of a community can significantly enhance an individual’s overall quality of life by contributing to emotional wellbeing. The games room, cinema room and private dining room are all spaces for friends and neighbours to enjoy together as a community. Engaging in social activities, participating in shared interests and having meaningful connections can reduce feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety whilst also providing opportunities for laughter, joy and emotional support which are vital for good mental health. 

Open green spaces like the private podium garden in the Club provide opportunities for residents to connect with nature, get fresh air and sunlight. Being in nature helps is beneficial for stress relief whilst sunlight provides Vitamin D which is necessary to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy and to strengthen the immune system.

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Enhancing quality of life in Manchester

With these Waterhouse Club amenities Waterhouse Gardens will transform living for residents in Manchester. With holistic living spaces that prioritise health and wellness residents are able to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst having the city at their fingertips.