An Introduction to Branded Residences: How Do They Work?

Branded residences are a growing sector within the property industry. These are a newer, emerging style of luxury property developments. In this guide, we’ll cover what branded residences are, how they work, and where they can typically be found.

What are branded residences?

Brand residences are residential properties available for purchase that are affiliated with a brand, usually by design and servicing. These are self-contained units with a high-quality hotel-level offering and are professionally managed. 

This provides occupiers with home comforts and all of the perks that come with staying in a five-star hotel. Bringing the hotel home has become a way of life, providing an elevated form of luxury living with top-notch lifestyle offerings and convenience.

Branded residences can sometimes be found in a hotel or located within a standalone or mixed-use development. These luxury developments were historically dominated by major hotel brands, but other chains are bringing forward branded residences as the sector expands.

What are the benefits of these types of properties?

There has been a growing appetite for branded residences across the UK and the globe. As high-quality, well-designed properties with access to attractive amenities and facilities are seeing such strong demand, branded residences provide an attractive solution for homebuyers, investors and tenants alike.

These developments are becoming particularly popular among property investors with branded residence units either being rented out through rental programmes or on the open market.

One of the major benefits of these properties is that they don’t require much time to look after and are more hassle-free as the brands handle maintenance and security. And they can even handle various legal obligations when an owner is absent.

Branding is also a form of quality assurance for buyers and investors. There is less perceived risk with these kinds of purchases. Additionally, these properties can potentially preserve long-term resale value because of its position above the traditional residential market.

How do these types of developments work?

These kinds of development often come with a top-tier level of service and an exceptional amenity offering. For occupiers of branded residences, the amenities within a branded development can often be just as important as the location itself.

Some of the most common amenities include a concierge and doorman service, in addition to security, valet, fitness centres, spas, pools, restaurants and bars. There are even sometimes beauty services, grocery shopping, dog-walkers and additional sports offerings.

Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, every branded residence offers something slightly unique. The amenities and the lifestyle being offered by branded residences are often a draw for residents looking for the convenience of having everything right on their doorstep. 

Where can these developments be found?

Branded residences have been most commonly developed in major global cities, providing luxury urban living. However, emerging cities and top travel destinations are starting to see more of these types of developments too.

In urban destinations, they are often found in a city’s most exclusive postcodes, such as in the prime areas of London and Manchester. And this often means these branded residences also come with spectacular skyline views and are surrounded by all of the convenience of modern city living.

Over the past decade, the branded residence sector has grown by more than 150%, according to Savills, and the pipeline of future developments continues to look strong too. The shift to more flexible working with many professionals has supported the proliferation of branded residences, and it’s a trend that’s expected to gain further momentum.

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